Universal Gateway between Ethernet and Fieldbus

Ethernet is becoming the prevailing communication medium in automation technology. The aXlink100, the new equipment available for the automationX software (version 4.8 and higher), connects Profibus with Ethernet in real time.

Features of aXlink100

  • Real-Time protocol (Xlink)
  • High bandwith
  • Redundancy capable
  • Shockproof redundancy change-over
  • Different topologies applications (line, ring, tree, tree topology redundant)
  • Ring topology without expensive optic fibre cabling
  • Up to 16 aXlink100 per system
  • Redundant power supply 24V DC
  • Exchangeable without configuration (adress switch)
  • Diagnostics via LED and protocol
  • Top hat rail mounting
  • Driver for automationX from version 4.8
  • Other drivers on request

The aXlink100 interconnects Ethernet with Profibus, in which Xlink, a real time Ethernet protocol developed by AutomationX, is used. The aXlink100 incorporates two Ethernet interfaces, which are available as 8P8C (RJ45) or optic fibre option, as well as a Profibus-DP master interface.

These interfaces allow a multiplicity of system and network configurations. Therefore this equipment allows the configuration of an electrical ring via CAT5 cabling or a network and/or server redundancy via switches in a star layout network with this equipment. Thus it is possible to link up to 16 Profibus Maser (aXlink100) with up to 124 Profibus-DP slaves per unit to automationX.

 Technical Data

Order Number  aXlink100 
CPU netX(200MHzARM9)
System Memory          Micro-SD-Card
Interfaces   2 x Ethernet (RJ45 socket) 100Mbit/s
1 x Profibus (9pol Sub-D-socket f.) up to 12MBaud
Other protocols on request
Power Supply
Supply voltage: 14-30V DC
Average current consumption: 0,15A
Power consumption: 8,2W
Dimensions 105x45x118
Protection Class
Ambient Area      Working temperature: -10° to 70° C
Storage temperature: -20° to 80° C
Relative humidity: <90%
(not condensed)

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