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Central to manufacturing operations are system control, operational data acquisition, batch tracking and process planning and the closing of the gap between the ERP system and the control unit. To survive on the market, 100% verification of manufacturing and processing procedures as well as efficiency analyses must be available on demand.


We provide a customized design based on the automationX software platform that reproduces the entire manufacturing process from delivery of raw materials to packaging. Our automation package includes interfaces to a wide variety of local controls. The MES module aXPM is the platform for comfortable, freely configurable reproduction, control and analysis of the manufacturing process.


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Are you missing the piece of the puzzle between the ERP system and the control unit? We have it! Thanks to our years of experience in specific sectors, we know your requirements. Since you don't have to explain everything in detail to us, you save time and money during project planning. Your experience with your processes plus our ideas and solutions from other projects equals excellent results that are highly profitable! Whether automation of continuous process plants, batch processes according to ISA S88 or operational data acquisition in the manufacturing of components on an assembly line—your profit is our experience.


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