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The area of infrastructure is concerned with the monitoring, controlling and networking of widely distributed traffic, tunnel and wastewater facilities.
Centralized, easy data storage and operator-based processing of large volumes of data are required to guarantee safe, comfortable monitoring and complete traceability.


The automationX control system is designed for the most comprehensive and extensive infrastructure projects. Its modular setup allows individual combinations of a variety of control, monitoring, analysis and system integration features and modules so that you receive a customized solution for the tasks in your specific system landscape.

Areas of application

Intelligent solutions with the latest technology

Thirty years’ knowledge of infrastructure has been packed into coordinated software and hardware modules that have been applied with success in the following areas:

  • Central control rooms
  • Traffic engineering
  • Tunnel automation
  • Parking guidance and information systems

Central control rooms


The control room as the central unit for the greatest availability of your entire infrastructure

Plants that are very spread out often present great challenges. automationX provides you with the solution to requirements for intelligence at the field level yet also the greatest possible vertical integration. Separate software modules for visualization, control and analysis are outdated. Just one automationX tool lets you easily combine components regardless of their manufacturer.

  • Higher-level SCADA system with multi-monitor support (12 monitors and more)
  • Operations monitoring and Ticketing system
  • Video monitoring Screen control
  • Emergency call system
  • Real-time radar
  • Alarm and notification system
  • Playback Manager
  • Building site management
  • Clustering

Traffic engineering

Management, guidance, monitoring

Our products collect, store and process traffic-related information.

The targeted and quick processing of traffic data allows operators to react quickly to current traffic problems and makes it easier for drivers to plan a stress-free trip—before and during the drive.

From the smallest autonomous automationX DCS-SPS to the high-performance multi-monitor management control room, one automationX software tool covers all levels. At the field level, our control modules, which meet the technical delivery terms for route stations (TLS) as certified by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), provide the greatest support with communication protocols from different third-party manufacturers of sensors, detectors, variable message signs and LED Display panels.


  • Route guidance systems
  • Network Control systems
  • Intelligent Transportation systems
  • Temporary opening of the emergency lane
  • Traffic data acquisition
  • Ramp metering
  • Environmental data collection
  • Mobile traffic congestion warning systems


  • Control modules
  • Mobile communications gateway
  • aX5

Traffic control system


The AutomationX traffic calculator offers a variety of functions. The following functionalities are included:

  • Route overview
       Overview of the current status of the equipment
  • Alarm screen
       Overview of the alarms per function group
  • System overview
       Display of all connections and their status
  • Route influencing
       Create or request special programs
       Create manual programs
       Edit switching suggestions
       Simulation of the individual traffic programs with or without the current system status
       Traffic-dependent control based on traffic situations
  • Journal
       Acquisition, recording and visualization of events such as switching operations or
       other system interventions
  • Trend
       Acquisition and visualization of the time course of variables
  • Reports
       Possibility to generate specific reports
       Report long time data per direction
       Tabular form
       Graphic shape
       Report switching operations
       Display of the switching states per display cross-section
       Report switching operations and switching reasons
       Display of the switching states and their reasons
       Report error messages
       Display of the most frequently occuring alarms
       Report special programs
       Display of activated and deactivated special programs


Tunnel automation

Focus on safety

User safety is the primary concern in tunnel systems. Emergencies such as traffic accidents or fire call for quick detection and reactions as well as the possibility to intervene in specific situations.
An automationX control system has all the features and modules you need for an integrated solution that meets your rapidly changing requirements.

  • Decentralized control
  • Redundancy at all levels
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Emergency call for help
  • Tunnel closure systems
  • Height controls
  • Lane signals
  • Variable message signs
  • Barriers

Parking guidance and information systems

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency!

Parking guidance and information systems inform road users about vacant parking spaces or garages. The goal is to avoid traffic that arises from drivers searching for a parking space and to make optimal use of available parking capacity.
To make it easier for drivers to find a parking space, automationX has modules for local optimization of use of parking space (e.g., smart truck parking systems) as well as modules for dynamic allocation of parking spaces for road network users.

  • Parking management
  • Parking space information
  • Smart truck parking systems

Available for you around the clock!

Every minute of a breakdown or malfunction compromises safety and availability and costs money!
That makes it all the more important that you and your maintenance team can contact a system specialist by telephone or remote access around the clock (24/7).
A team of experienced staff specially trained in your system is ready to provide support at any hour of the day or night. That is how we guarantee that support is there
for you at ANY TIME.




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