Career day, Bulme Graz-Gösting and Company day HTL Weiz

We were there again this year and meet new potential and motivated employees!

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Career day, 2020/03/03 - Bulme Graz-Gösting:
Career day Bulme

Company day, 2020/02/12 - HTL Weiz:
Company day HTL Weiz

HTL Bulme Graz/DL, HLW DL - Robot competition

„City Shaper“
lautete das Thema beim heurigen Wettbewerb der First Lego League

Die vielen Vorbereitungsstunden der „DL-RoboSAPient“ auf den Wettbewerb der FLL (First Lego League) hatten sich gelohnt.  Beim Regionalwettbewerb in Graz wurde der hervorragende  2. Platz  erzielt und somit das Ticket zum Österreichfinale gelöst.  In verschiedenen Wettbewerben geht es bei diesem internationalen Wettbewerb  unter anderem darum, ein Projekt zu präsentieren,  einen Roboter unter Zeitdruck einen vorgegeben Parcours autonom fahren zu lassen und im Team zusammenzuarbeiten.  Mit dem Motto „Wiederverwendung statt Neubau“  wurde das Forschungsprojekte "Nature Hotel 5.0" präsentiert. Nachdem die Schülerinnen und Schüler der HTL Bulme Graz,  HLW Deutschlandsberg und der HTL Bulme Deutschlandsberg sich in allen Disziplinen im Regionalwettbewerb unter den Besten zwei platzieren konnten, waren die Erwartungen für das Bundessemifinale der FLL sehr groß.
Hochmotiviert machten sich die „DL-RoboSAPients“ auf den Weg zum Semifinale in St. Pölten, wo sie am 18. Jänner gegen 21 Teams um den Aufstieg ins Europafinale kämpften. Nach spannenden Robotik-Bewerben und innovativen Forschungspräsentationen standen die drei Gewinner für die Europatickets fest. Die Mannschaft der „DL-RoboSAPient“  erreichte den ausgezeichneten fünften Platz und verpasste den Finaleinzug lediglich um fünf Punkte.
Die „DL-RoboSAPient“ bedanken sich für das Sponsoring der Firma AutomationX  ganz herzlich, freuen sich schon auf den Wettbewerb im nächsten Jahr und blicken auf zahlreiche schöne Momente im Zuge der Vorbereitungen aber auch während des Wettbewerbs zurück.

Die Coaches  
Fr.  Mag. Daniela Wrana /  HLW Deutschlandsberg    
Hr. DI Manfred Dobaj / HTL BULME Graz/DL

ORGA Team (organization team)

Isa — I support marketing/business unit managers/project managers in commercial project management. I also take care of export questions and management and calls for tenders and act as the interface between the commercial management and project managers. Sports are my passion. I bring in my sport ideas to the ORGA team and organize all sporting Events.

Sonja — My responsibilities are human resources, business trip organization, audits and commercial project management. I am the first person for staff to contact in matters regarding human resources. The ORGA team organizes a number of staff events to motivate our employees and increase team spirit!
I am very proud of the good atmosphere in our company.

Michaela — Everyone calls me Michi. I assist the managing directors in appointment coordination, marketing, business trip organization and back office management. The ORGA team arranges sporting events, Christmas parties and company outings for our employees. I think the ideas of our employees are very important and I always have a sympathetic ear for them.


Helga — I joined the team for an internship and then wrote my diploma thesis on a topic related to AutomationX. I spent many years working around the world as a project engineer and commissioning plants. That is how I have learned to act independently, but I have always had the support I need from my company. I have seen the world, which has enabled me to develop enormous expertise.
When I started a family, I moved to the support team, where I still benefit from my years of work abroad. I am now responsible for tests in interface development and look after our product customers. The flexible working hours that are offered are perfect for me and my children.
The company makes it possible for me to accommodate both my family and my job.


Josef — Our product is the basis for all projects that are implemented by our project engineers. To achieve high quality, I need to be able to concentrate on my work without being interrupted. We are well equipped with spacious air conditioned offices and the most modern hardware and software environment. Complementary fruit provides us with vitamins and the lunch subsidy is a valuable perk.


Bernhard — My job is to carry out projects in the area of manufacturing that mainly involve parts tracking and efficiency analysis in the automotive supplies industry. I focus on developing solutions and implementing them together with our customers. I am also responsible for on-site commissioning. I find it important to have a variety of tasks to do and not just computer work. I like the informal environment in the company.


Stay fit

Our employees regularly have the opportunity to participate an outdoor training. The concept trains body, heart and brain - and that outdoors. It benefits all senses, creates a physical balance and strengthens the group dynamics.
For the company this means satisfied employees and a strengthened image as a responsible employer.



We are looking for YOU. Whether you are a developer of creative solutions or a project implementer ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, it is the variety in our software team that makes the difference!
We value your skills and will provide you with the opportunity to develop them.
No matter if you are an experienced programmer or high school dropout, a mentor will be there for you in the first months of your employment. A quick start into an exciting area of work is guaranteed.
We look forward to receiving your unsolicited application or a application to our current
job openings:

AutomationX GmbH
ATT: Mrs. Niesenbacher Sonja
Lauzilgasse 13
A-8020 Graz
Tel: +43 316 2704-703 
Fax: +43 316 2704-708

Automation Process Control Engineer

We are looking for an employee in the area of production management to strengthen our team as soon as possible.

Employer: AutomationX GmbH
Place of employment: Graz (A)

Automation Process Control Engineer job description

Automation technician with experience in PLC

We are looking for an employee in the area of production management to strengthen our team as soon as possible.

Employer: AutomationX GmbH
Place of employment: Graz (A)

Automation technician with experience in PLC job description

Automation Technician with Process Optimization Focus

We are looking for an employee in the area of production management to strengthen our team as soon as possible.

Employer: AutomationX GmbH
Place of employment: Graz (A)

Automation Technician with Process Optimization Focus job description