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Construction Chemistry plants require integrated process control and tracking from the arrival of goods to the finished product. Centralized, easy data storage with an interface to the ERP system and to the production lines is required to make the manufacturing process transparent from start to finish.


AutomationX provides modules that visualize incoming goods, storage, production planning, batch control, quality assurance, plant control systems and efficiency analysis. The modules are connected to each other via a central data model so that you receive detailed analysis of the process with minimal data maintenance.

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Our construction chemistry solution is structured so you can integrate modules that support production and increase efficiency into your operation one step at a time. Easy operation and detailed analyses are the priority.
Features such as inserting and exchanging process steps during the current batch or inserting loops provide flexibility in a wide variety of applications.


It starts with incoming goods

Module to inspect incoming goods, send confirmations to ERP systems, store batches and carry out commissioning

Easy operation is desired for incoming goods! Orders of goods received are transferred from the ERP system to our aXStore module. Entering information about quality and amount is very easy thanks to the simple, clear incoming goods mask operated by a touchscreen. The data for the ERP system is confirmed via the interface.
The goods can be brought to the storage areas and then to the place of consumption either with the aXStore module or in the ERP system. The goal is easy data storage!

  • Incoming goods inspection
  • Labeling
  • Storage
  • Preparation of raw materials
  • Tracking of the movement of goods
  • Replenishment request


Planning is half the battle

Module to plan production and manufacturing orders, manage recipes and control the silo and batch Systems

Do you want to make a central, clear plan for all lines? Manufacturing orders can be received via an interface from the ERP system and/or created manually. The automated feedback from the lines provides you with the current status of progress. You have a complete overview of production. Needless to say, feedback allows the actual consumption to be recorded in the ERP system.

The basis for planning—the recipe—leaves nothing to be desired in terms of flexibility. Repeating steps, starting by taking into account different prerequisites and exchanging raw materials in several recipes are only a few examples of the range of features.

  • Production planning
  • Acceptance of orders from the ERP System
  • Feedback on consumption
  • Comparison of recipes
  • Recipe management
  • Control of dosing systems for dry materials and liquids
  • Control of sponge dough systems


Quality is indeed the most important thing

Order-related quality assurance system that records user-defined quality data

Whether testing quality during batch production or later checking the quality of the final product—with aXQuali, one software platform does both. In tests during batch production, the batch is stopped and the product is tested. The results of the lab test occasionally call for an adaptation of the current recipe. The remaining steps in the recipe can be changed. Inserting additional steps, for example more water, longer mixing, is also very easy. Needless to say, each intervention is documented and indicated in a clear analysis.

Exciting features!

  • Automatic start of quality assurance in batch production
  • Assignment of the inspection to the order
  • User-defined configuration of test criteria and test intervals
  • Detailed analysis
  • Inspection in compliance with prepackaging legislation


Do you want to lower your costs?

Module to analyze production rate, operation and downtime and thus the efficiency of machines

As a batch continues to be processed, for example bagging or bottling, knowledge of operational disruptions and their causes as well as the reasons for rejects is necessary in order to lower costs and improve performance. Our aXOEE module is easy to operate and adapted to the conditions in construction chemistry plants.

  • Connection of machines via standard interfaces
  • Recording of the causes of disruptions
  • Quantitative recording of rejects
  • Determination of key indicators regarding the plant, product and shift
  • Clear graphical representation of the key indicators


Every minute of downtime costs money!

You call and can’t reach the employee who programmed the facility? This won't happen with us. A team of experienced staff specially trained in your system is ready to provide support at any hour of the day or night. That is how we guarantee that support is there for you at ANY TIME.

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