Robocup Junior 2022

The teams, B.Robots and B.Robots.Junior of HTBL BULME Graz-Gösting, participated in this year's Robocup Junior Championships, with AX as sponsor in tow.

The world championship in Bangkok took place from July 12 to 16. Team B.Robots achieved an excellent 6th place among the 17 best teams from participating countries such as Germany, Iran, USA, Australia, Canada and Japan! Moreover, the team won the special prize "Most Innovative Solution"!

 The 2nd team B.Robots.Junior has reached the 7th place among 14 participating teams at the European Championship in Portugal at the beginning of June. This is also remarkable as the team has only been working on the development of the robot since September 2021 and most competing teams have been honing their robot for many years.

Congratulations, we are very proud!

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