New Project at MGG

MGG is a leading manufacturer of aluminium castings in the automotive sector. An automationX® system for product tracking has been successfully implemented at the Herzogenburg site for several years.

As part of a digitization campaign, MGG Herzogenburg also wanted to increase transparency with regard to productivity and system efficiency. For the implementation of an OEE system, the decision was made in favour of the long-standing partner AutomationX.

AutomationX has integrated the automationX® OEE module into the existing Traceability System and thus offers a simple way of determining the performance, availability and quality of the systems and ultimately also the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). It was also considered important to keep necessary interventions or interactions of the operators for the determination of the OEE values as simple and small as possible.

The visualization was integrated into existing production views in the user interface, which made it easier for employees to operate the extended functions.

Since the integration of the OEE system was completed in summer 2022, the AutomationX MES has offered a holistic overview of the production – from product/component tracking and component testing to the display of equipment efficiency.

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