MPREIS—Always up-to-date

Headquartered in Völs in the province of Tyrol, the MPREIS group operates an ultra-modern bakery. The Therese Mölk bakery was built with state-of-the-art technology in 2013.

At that time, AutomationX was selected for process control from incoming goods to dispatch.

The automationX MES system takes care of incoming goods, warehouse management, control of raw material systems, quality assurance, rack oven control and many other sub-processes. Time doesn't stand still. We, the AutomationX team, are constantly working to improve our MES software solution. Our customers challenge us with innovative ideas while our employees focus their experience from the many projects they have implemented to set new standards. The rapid development cycles in IT environments also require a permanent development process in order to remain on the cutting edge of technology. MPREIS, a highly innovative company, is keeping up with the times. This is also true for its claim to keep the company fit for the future by using the latest technologies. One of these is of course the MES software for controlling the processes in the Therese Mölk bakery.

Together with AutomationX, the bakery started the process of changing over to the latest versions of automationX software. The aim was not only to upgrade the current modules to the latest operating systems, but also to implement improvements indicated by the experience of recent years. For example, the aXStore module has been expanded. Before the changeover, a block storage version was used in the raw material storage area. To achieve more precise storage management, this was changed to single-place storage. 

The module of the automationX MES system aXPM is now compatible with the aXStore warehouse management system (WMS). Replenishment orders for raw material requirements from production planning are forwarded directly to be picked for day storage. The material flow computer precisely directs the packaged products to the palletizing systems in the deep-freeze warehouse of the bakery in accordance with production planning based on sales items. These are just a few functions of the cutting edge automationX MES solution successfully in use at Therese Mölk.

The next steps are to update the entire building management and cooling systems and to introduce a cost accounting module. In the cost accounting module, material resources such as raw materials, personnel and machine costs are taken into account. After a recipe describing the entire process is created, the manufacturing costs are available at the touch of a button.

We look forward to stepping up to meet the next challenges together with MPREIS and the Therese Mölk bakery.

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