Enayati Germany

Successful introduction of a plant-wide automationX ME system at Enayati Germany

The electroplating company Enayati GmbH and Co KG, based in Birkenfeld near Pforzheim, is the leading supplier of galvanic coatings of bandolier pins, stamped strips and solid strips. With 30 production lines customers in the connector industry are supplied. The connectors are used in the automotive, industrial, telecommunications and energy markets.


For many years, our long-time partner Enayati has been automating the self-developed and built strip electroplating lines with AutomationX.

Energy is a factor in electroplating companies. The AutomationX energy management system records energy flows. Clear analyses are the basis for further optimizations in the production process.

A transition has recently started from individual programming and paper solutions that have evolved over the years to a central, plant-wide automationX ME system.

Navision transmits the orders for all production lines to our system. The line control, including the recording of production data, evaluation of operating states and efficiency analysis is carried out by AutomationX. The consistent documentation of an order is centralized in the AutomationX System. Long-term used in-house Excel lists and individual programming solutions are a thing of the past.

We would like to thank all participants for their cooperation and look forward to the next phases of Project!


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