Backbord—highest quality organic baked goods controlled by automationX

“The constantly high quality of our baked goods is no coincidence” appears on the homepage of the company Backbord (
Achieving this level of quality requires a precise, reliable software system that manages recipes and controls the batch process.
In addition, organic production requires 100% tracking of raw materials.
In the middle of 2017 following an extensive review, Backbord chose a modular solution from AutomationX.
Important to the decision-making team were the features of the module specially adapted to the baking industry as well as our experience in implementing retrofitting projects with the least possible downtime.
Concerned about guaranteeing the greatest safety during the transition, the Backbord team were won over in advance by how everything functioned properly during an extensive test in simulation mode—the AutomationX standard.
The result: on Saturday the machines were turned off—and on Sunday production started up again!
We would like to thank Backbord for their great cooperation!


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