Acceptance of Europe’s largest wastewater monitoring system


Aquafin collects wastewater from Flemish communities and treats it before returning it to nature. As a result, the quality of streams in Flanders has improved immensely. Not potable for humans, the treated water is just right for fish, birds and amphibians. To keep an eye on the 4,000 installations around the clock, Aquafin is installing a new central monitoring system. In the final expansion phase, it will provide more than 13,000 process displays to over 1,000 operators.

In the middle of 2016—and after extensive and detailed testing—Aquafin chose a solution from AutomationX. A powerful application for information management and data processing was created that also includes plant visualization, alarm handling and data processing. It accomplishes tasks such as detailed validation of data, calculation of KPIs and statistical process control.

Following intensive and excellent cooperation with Aquafin, the AutomationX solution was accepted at the beginning of May 2018.

wastewater monitoring system  Aquafin


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