Traffic Control System

The AutomationX Traffic Control System is the answer to the motorway operators` requirement for systems that are TLS2002-compliant and based on state of the art technologies.

When combined, the aXTCS 100ST (section station), aXTCS 100B (communication processor island bus version 2B) and aXTCS 100C (communication processor island bus version 2C) products make up a high-performance and highly flexible traffic control system with incomparable openness towards third-party systems.

The AutomationX Traffic Control System supports both the previously used island bus technology and also Ethernet-based TLSoIP communication making remote configuration and maintenance a matter of course.

Its expandability by futher interfaces is guaranteed at all times whilst high requirements in relation to environmental conditions, processing speed and spare parts availability are far exceeded due to its modular construction according to the industry standard PC/104. The AutomationX Traffic Control System is topped off by state of the art configuration and maintenance tools in addition to on-site operating facilities.

The AutomationX Traffic Control System is certified by ASFINAG according the valuation standards "Technische Lieferbedingungen für Streckenstationen (Ausgabe 2002)" as well as PLaNT 135.221.10 and PLaNT 410.110.10 respectively PLaNT 420.111.10 (proof of conformity AKN200804-01, AKN200804-02 and AKN 200905-01).

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aX-TCS 100-ST
aX-TCS 100-B
aX-TCS 100-C

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